The looks on their faces…

As educators, the things that make it all worthwhile for us is the look on a learner’s face when they have that aha moment, that “I did it” moment, or that moment when they reach success after failure. These are the moments that we live for in the classrooms. These moments are validation that we are making a difference in the lives of our learners. However, I recently saw a look on a learner’s face that I had never seen before, a very positive look, a very powerful look. I wanted to share with you how it happened. Continue reading “The looks on their faces…”


The Power of PLN’s

…And Why You Should Build One


I’ve heard a lot of different explanations for what a PLN is and even what it stands for. When I first learned about PLN’s they were referred to as Professional Learning Networks. Many individuals also set up learning networks for personal reasons and refer to them as Personal Learning Networks. The best translation that I have heard and that I feel is most relevant would be, Personalized Learning Network.[1] You will find out why below. A PLN is a network of resources that meet your specific learning needs and help you improve. It is how you are intentionally pursuing professional growth. Continue reading “The Power of PLN’s”